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Andrew Brewer

Andrew Brewer the “Rock & Roll Psychic” is a nationally televised Clairvoyant and Astrologer and Host of “Rock & Roll Psychic Radio” also on Blog Talk Radio. Andy has over 100 appearances on both radio and TV, perhaps most notably as the featured psychic and co-host along with Erik Estrada (“CHiPs”) and Jenilee Harrison (“Three’s Company”), on “Kebrina’s Psychic Answer” which aired throughout the United States and Canada from 1992-1994.

Andy was the resident psychic for many years on Magic 99.7 FM – Columbus’ leading Rock station – and was also featured in a segment on “PM Magazine”. A talented writer, Andrew has published articles on a wide variety of metaphysical topics and currently has 5 books selling on Amazon. He was at one time a featured columnist in “The Free Press” and has been featured and quoted in front page articles in both “The Los Angeles Times” and “USA Today”

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