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This is the official blog of Ronnagade Radio: Home of the New American Revolution, the radio show is on hiatus while Ronn is rehabilitating in an acute pain center in the Bronx. Social justice however waits for no one, so our heroes have decided to fight the good fight online as best they can.

Ronnagade Radio: Home of the New American Revolution can be heard on BlogTalkRadio every Monday (when not on hiatus) from 8-10pm EST. Created by Ronn “Ronnagade” Jordan and Co-Hosted by Andrew “The Rock & Roll Psychic” Brewer and John “Aquaman Ocean Defender” Koehler these three progressive visionaries will give you their perspective on the current political climate and opinions on how to make things better for everyone.

Our country has been hijacked by big corporations who pay almost no taxes and lobbyists who represent their interests. We have vowed to expose corruption and further destruction of our democracy every week. The New American Revolution will be more than just a catchy name, we will be working with the most progressive groups in America and each week we will shine the “Spotlight on Social Justice” on a community leader or organization that is making an actual difference.

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  1. “Greeting from the Bronx” Postcard

    Dear Sirs,

    Please print or use my art work, only with my permission
    and with the copyright logo ( )

    or credit – courtesy of Thomas X. Casey

    Please use only my copyright logo

    Thank you

    Thomas X. Casey
    5700 Arlington Avenue # 21-S
    Bronx, NY 10471-1524

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