As I sit and read the latest news about our debt ceiling, I find myself thinking how the Democrats will again fail to simplify the discussion for the average American voter. Now I believe two things to be true about the “average” American. First they are stupid, now I am not a rocket scientist by any means and if I can figure it out, then the only other conclusion is that the “average” voter is stupid.Second they are apathetic, why else would you go to work everyday and work longer hours for less pay and not be furious to see the bonuses that are being handed out to CEO’s on Wall Street.

I just read this great piece by Drew Westen on the Huffington Post entitled “Three ways Democrats could choose to lose in 2012, and what they can do to avoid it” , but as great as it was it really made me angry that not enough people in this country are angry. That’s why I am calling for a “New American Revolution” some 236 years after the original. With Independence Day just a week away, I think it only fitting that we start trying to organize this together. My fellow liberals at MoveOn,org want to get people to host an “American Dream House Party” in every Congressional district in the country, I encourage all to volunteer to host one in your neighborhood.
As for me, I want to reunite with my partners Andrew “The Rock & Roll Psychic” Brewer and John “Aquaman Ocean Defender” Koehler to get back on the air doing a weekly show that will culminate in a big event before the 2012 elections. If you have any ideas for the “New American Revolution” and want to get involved click on the link and send me a message.
I look forward to working with you to start this movement. Either we rise together or we are all sunk. I was inspired by all of the people who stood up to make real change in Egypt, Turkey, and Spain and I know we can match that intensity here in the US.