Let me start this by saying that when I think of that tragic day, I have never gotten caught up in either theory. Conspiracy or Clusterf*#k (my co-host Andrew is the conspiracy analyst/theorist in the family)has never really mattered to me, the thing that I always think of is the ultimate sacrifice made by the first responders. I knew a few Firefighters that ran into the towers to help save lives, just like they did every day since they joined the FDNY.

This has been harder to write than I expected (this is probably the 10th draft), I have been talking with my friends about that day and keep flashing back to that morning. I was working for a non-profit at the time, Literacy, Inc. I worked out of the Bronx for the most part but would make the trek into Manhattan once a week for our staff meeting and it just happened to be my 1 year anniversary, so when I got on the subway that morning I was really looking forward to sitting down with my bosses to evaluate my first year and plan for the next one. It truly was a beautiful day, the sun was shining and the sky was the most amazing color blue I have ever seen. This was also the day of the NYC primaries and I had been volunteering for Mark Green to be the next Mayor, as Public Advocate Mark took me down to Washington DC with the President’s of Verizon and Con Edison to push for the passage of school construction legislation. I had the great honor of being introduced to Senator Ted Kennedy as the “real expert in NYC” on school construction. So I was sure that Mark was going to appoint me Deputy Mayor for Education as soon as he was elected…just kidding, but I was excited about having someone so progressive as Mayor after living under the Giuliani regime for 8 terms, I mean years they just seemed like terms. For the record Giuliani was despised as Mayor (by 90% of New Yorkers, not just me) up until September 10, 2001. This was supposed to be the first step in saying “Good Riddance” to the man whose “Gestapo” like policies was leaving office with NYC facing an almost $5 Billion budget deficit, so please spare me the crap about how “wonderful” a Mayor he was, he wasn’t!!! (Grrrrrrr, this is the 3rd time I’ve had to walk away from the computer because I have gotten pissed off…America’s Mayor my ass.) In any case, the attacks made Giuliani postpone the primary until September 25th, Mark Green eventually won a run-off election over then Bronx Borough President Fernando Ferrer on October 11th, so another tragedy from 9/11 is NYC got stuck with Mike Bloomberg, who squeaked out a win by about 35,000 votes in one of the poorest turn-outs in NYC Mayoral history. Enough of me and my whining, this is supposed to be about the victims and their families, about the bravery of the First Responders.

Their bravery is what I remember, that inherent bravery that is ingrained in their DNA. Those are the memories that have been brought rushing back every time I have seen a FDNY vehicle since, my thoughts immediately think of the 343 Firefighters who gave their lives that day. Also to the 23 NYPD Officers, the 37 Port Authority PD Officers, 15 EMT’s and 3 Court Officers. My heart goes out to them and their families, and for a long time I refused to even discuss the possibility of a conspiracy. I couldn’t even bring myself to think that our own Government would have any part in the death of almost 3,000 Americans (I have no evidence that they did have any involvement and I am not casting aspersions now), after hearing that the families of the First Responders were not being allowed to attend the ceremony but instead were being detoured to a nearby park made me think “Why” (This is the standard procedure now for anyone who wants to protest the Government, you have the right to protest just not anywhere near the thing you’re protesting)  so at the very least you have to say it was a colossal clusterf*#k. I guess if I had to say, I would say a combination of the two probably sums it up best.

The thing that really gets me, is the nerve of those slimy bastards in Washington DC, who have held up the process for the first responders to get proper medical treatment for 10 years. They had the audacity to say that their cancer may not be the result of 9/11…are you fricken kidding me? In my opinion, I don’t give a hairy rats ass where their cancer came from, just for their sacrifice them and every member of their families until the end of time should be entitled to whatever medical procedures. These SOB’s are so quick to close the purse strings when it is for the working class, but never even blinked when Haliburton, Blackwater, GE and the rest of their cronies got no bid government contracts in Iraq & Afghanistan.

I will never actually post this if I keep getting angry and I must admit my emotions are getting the best of me this week. I’m going to close now but I want to leave you with this…my dear sweet friend Annie Miller made me realize that today we should put our politics and conspiracies to rest and for at least one day, reflect on the tragedy itself and open your hearts to the families who have spent this last decade trying to put their lives back together.

Peace, Love and Justice For All