What a way to start off the season for many, Tom Brady has a career game in Miami, Drew Brees and Aaron Rodgers shoot it out in Green Bay. Baltimore and Chicago defenses came up huge, and we may have to break up the Bengals as they upset Cleveland. The standings after Week 1 are…

  1. The Ronnagades – 131.28 Points
  2. The Rat Bastids – 124.98 Points
  3. PawnStars – 112.96 Points
  4. Canton Bulldogs – 112.48 Points
  5. Augusta Chillers – 95.70 Points

One thing for sure Peyton Manning should get the MVP for this season even if he doesn’t play a down. Good luck to all as we move into Week 2, make sure you have  your teams picked by Noon EST Sunday.