Well Kenny’s Augusta Chillers (Week 2 Winner) and Migue’s PawnStars had monster weeks and I am holding on to first by the skin of my teeth. Tom Brady has almost 1000 yards passing already. Cam Newton is doing an outstanding job for a rookie and threw for over 400 yards again, he made a few mistakes but that is to be expected. This is definitely the year of the passer. Here are the scores and standings so far…

  1. The Ronnagades – Total Pts. – (246.40) Week 2 Pts. – (115.12)
  2. PawnStars – Total Pts. –  (244.86) Week 2 Pts. – (131.90)
  3. Augusta Chillers – Total Pts. – (228.72) Week 2 Pts. – (133.02)
  4. The Rat Bastids – Total Pts. – (212.36) Week 2 Pts. – (87.48)
  5. Canton Bulldogs – Total Pts. – (205.50) Week 2 Pts. – (93.02)

There were a lot of injuries this past week so make sure to check your team to see that your guys are going to play. Remember you have until Noon EST to put in your starting lineup.

I would also like to congratulate Mariano Rivera of the NY Yankees for breaking the All-Time Saves record. He is truly the greatest closer that ever played the game.