screwedPenetration without lubrication, is what I’m calling this latest bipartisan screw job coming out of Washington, DC. Does it matter if you get screwed by a Republican or Democrat? Either way, it hurts. I’m so tired of hearing the blame being passed from one side to the other, the bottom line is that the American people as a whole are being SCREWED.

All the talk out of DC now is about the “sequester”, the sad thing is, there is nobody in DC to do anything about it, as this week Congress was on vacation. It does make me wonder about the intentions of the politicians of both parties. They are holding America hostage while they play a game of chicken with the US economy, so as they act more and more childish the jobs of 700,000 people get closer and closer to the chopping block. If the people that we elected to actually represent the “People” spent half as much time doing their job instead of trying to blame the other side, the “People” wouldn’t be in such a bad way. On one side you have the “Republican Terrorists” (my pet name for them), who are the main reason we are facing the “sequester” in the first place by drawing a line in the sand over the debt ceiling, then on the other side you have the President who rolled over and played dead just so the Republicans would like and accept him. So in order to get their way without actually admitting they acted like children, they came up with this truly terrible idea they call the “Grand Bargain”.

Don’t think for a second that either side really cares about the “People”, the bottom line is they are now trying to save face and here’s why I say this…If President Obama was so worried about the “People” he would not have been in Florida playing golf with Tiger Woods. He would have called an emergency session of Congress and would have “sequestered” (just like they do juries) the leaders of BOTH parties until a deal was struck. It was also bad form for him to bring Transportation Secretary Roy LaHood to run around the White House Press room crying that  “the sky is falling” like Chicken Little and again pointing fingers to the other side. Oh and let’s not forget about our Republican friends, now these jokers actually DO care about people, not “People” in the “We the People” sense. They care about the people who provide their livelihood (WE only pay their salaries), unfortunately “We the People” ain’t those people. You see instead of sitting down and negotiating in good faith about the future of  all of America, they are holding out to make sure their benefactors (the richest 1%) aren’t bothered by little things like paying their fair share. So they will not even sit at the table if those darn Democrats don’t balance the budget by cutting a hole in the social safety net that protects the most vulnerable among us or has the nerve to mention new revenue sources.

Enter Erskine Bowles and Alan Simpson, the not so dynamic duo that co-chaired the infamous bipartisan debt commission that came up with the “Silver Bullet” that was going to cure the American economy, IF we had the good sense to listen to them. Their points were to reduce the deficit by cutting the social safety net. Well Bowles and Simpson (or Good Ol’ BS as I like to call them) have another bipartisan plan that is sure to be a “NEW Silver Bullet” for the American economy IF we have the good sense to listen to them, only this time their position is just a little further to the right, more cuts less taxes. Cut vital programs like Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid and allow billionaires to prosper through tax loopholes and corporate benefits. Talk about “Good Ol’ BS”, I have never been able to put much faith in Good Ol’ BS and while I may not be the most educated (at least formally) blogger you’ve ever read, I can guarantee you that my Bronx street education affords me the ability to see through the BS.

My problem is that we just had an election that was supposed to be a clear message to these bozo’s in Washington that we CAN’T balance the budget and get rid of the debt on cuts. If you are like most Americans and want to see the wealthy and corporations to pay their fair share sign this petition. This “sequester” was a terrible idea from the start and anything short of calling it off will be bad for the “People”, and considering that we only have five days left and a bunch of tantrum throwing children running our government…we are pretty much SCREWED, and not in a good way. PENETRATION WITHOUT LUBRICATION, ouch!!!