RyanHere is today’s dose of “Daily Socialist Propaganda”. Paul Ryan is living the American dream. It would be funny if not for the fact that he is serious, someone should slip Paul Ryan a note reminding him he LOST the election. His so called “Path to Prosperity” was widely REJECTED in the last election so he comes back with “P2P 2.0” and that is even more severe and still not revealing any cuts specifically.

Since I’m calling for wake up calls, President Obama stop hitting the snooze button, the Republicans STILL don’t like you. It really doesn’t matter how many lunches or dinners you invite them to; they are not going to stop until they have destroyed everything you believe in. A great quote from Congressman Alan Grayson of Florida “If President Obama brought about world peace the Republicans would blame him for destroying the defense industry”. Now if only the POTUS would realize that, the average American would be much better off.