Big Spenders collageAfter watching the Sunday morning political shows, I sit and ask why I do this to myself every week. This week was no different, watching the talking heads asking the dumbest questions and avoiding the most important. Who cares if John Boehner or Paul Ryan “trust” President Obama? Why not ask why neither budget Republican (Paul Ryan’s) or Democratic (Patty Murray’s) don’t address the JOBS deficit instead of talking about a budget deficit that EVERYONE agrees is not an immediate issue?

The “Balanced Budget” talk is just more BS to distract us from the real problem, which is an unemployment epidemic. The two main things I see from the above pictures is that when there is a Republican President no one talks about the deficit (because they run it up), and that President Obama will NEVER ever get an ounce of credit for anything positive that happens during his Presidency (and it has been proven that it is on purpose). I have a lot of issues with the POTUS but I’m not going to listen to any Republicans until they acknowledge the jobs issue and get past a black man in the White House.

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