5_Living_US_Presidents_1-09The thing I love about the opening of the Bush library is that there were more living Presidents in the building than actual books…

So many people I’ve talked to this week have been appalled that George W. Bush is being remembered fondly, angry that through his library, history will be re-written.  I agree and share their anger and disdain. I still feel that W. is probably the worst US President ever. That being said, there are a bunch of oil magnates who think that W. was the greatest thing since sliced bread. Just look at how much money he made for the war profiteers and the oil industry.

The best line at the library ceremony has to go to Barbara Bush, when asked what she thought of son Jeb’s chances of becoming President she said “We’ve had enough Bushes”. Right on Mama Bush, I couldn’t agree more.

Where do you think George W. Bush will be remembered in history? Do you think Jeb Bush will ever be President? Leave a comment below and don’t forget to sign our petition “The People’s Power Agenda”.

Peace, Love and Justice For All