John McCain is banking on the fact that the American voter is stupid. Why else would he make such a ridiculous pick for his running mate? I was surprised to see him pick Governor Sarah Palin of Alaska (I actually thought he would have went with Governor Tim Pawlenty). Make no mistake he didn’t pick her because she is a “Reformer”, he clearly is trying to win over the Conservative Right, the disgruntled Hillary supporters and all of the so-called Reagan Democrats. One problem with this Mr. McCain, you can’t fool the American people. Especially after 8 years of your buddy Bush and all of his henchmen.

While Governor Sarah Palin may make a good photo-op, Hillary supporters do not see her as the answer to their prayers. Governor Palin is against a woman’s right to choose and even opposes abortion in the cases of rape and incest victims. She doesn’t believe that humans have anything to do with global warming, is for even more drilling for oil in Alaska (even going so far as to sue the Bush administration for listing Polar Bears on the endangered species list) and thinks creationism should be taught in schools; other than the fact that Senator Clinton and Governor Palin are women I don’t see any thing else they have in common.

Now maybe I shouldn’t be so hard on Senator McCain, after all he really didn’t know her all that well when he made the choice, having only met her once and then he spoke to her last Sunday to ask her about being his running mate. Although a quick read of her resume would have told you that she has been Governor of a state with a population of less than half of the Bronx (600,000 peeps) and before that Mayor of a small city with less of a population than 2 High School campuses in my neighborhood (9,000) with absolutely no foreign policy experience. Ah yes, more good judgment from the candidate formerly known as the Maverick. Sadly Senator McCain’s days of being a Maverick ended when he lost to George W. Bush in 2000. As our future President Barrack Obama said so eloquently on Thursday night “America doesn’t need a good soldier, America needs a good leader”, with good judgment.

Senator’s Obama and Biden are the change that America needs. We all know that Senator McCain will continue to bring this country in the same direction as Bush & Co. Even as Senator McCain tells us that he is not Bush 3, voting right along with him over 90% of the time during the past 7+ years tells us different. I am truly hoping that the American people will see your choice for a running mate as what it, is a blatant attempt to appeal to ignorance, and yes you will get some votes off of this pandering. I just hope and pray that the majority of the American people are as insulted as I am by this.