This is a special message to all of the fans of Road to the White House. The show is getting a facelift and a new home. We are moving to a new site under a new name with a new format. Don’t worry we are still going to be talking about the election and all of the issues that are facing the country but we want to make it more personal. We are going to be tackling Social Justice Issues that affect us every day.

So we want all of the “Ronntourage” members to get ready for Ronnagade Radio, Warrior for Justice…this show is going to go above and beyond the Presidential campaign. We are going to be talking about Community Values. What kind of education is your child getting? How are the gas prices affecting your family? Are you happy with the community you live in?

Ronnagade Radio is going to talk about finding solutions, building power and many other ways that you the listener can get involved in this movement to take back America from the corporations that have run roughshod over the middle class in this country. We don’t want our Republican friends to feel left out, no pun intended…we are hoping that you all come over and get into the mix just like the old days. We are going to give everyone a voice here at Ronnagade Radio so don’t be strangers.

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