“It is the creator’s way that all are taught to direct their energies towards the well being of the unborn generations. This is part of the natural way which all are encouraged to follow. The unborn generations faces come toward us from Mother Earth, still part of her flesh and spirit. They are the community of human beings our actions today affects, and it is they who will judge the life which we who are living now leave them.”
-Sotsowah, The Creators Way, Akwesasne Notes, Late Summer 1975

Someone asked me recently what it means to be a radical and why I do what I do for little or no money. The above quote immediately came to mind. I don’t think of myself as a religous person (I have serious issues with organized religion), I think of myself as spiritual, even though I was baptized a catholic I have become agnostic (a person who holds the view that any ultimate reality (as God) is unknown and probably unknowable; broadly : one who is not committed to believing in either the existence or the nonexistence of God or a god) over the years my faith has been shaken at the very least. This is why I believe that quote has become so personal to me, I have recently attended a new church here in the Bronx (New Day United Methodist Church), which has a great social justice aspect to it. I met the Pastor when I was President of the NWBCCC and was quickly drawn to his way of thinking and I think that it goes beyond religion or the religion I have known in my life.

So as I am preparing for the comeback of Ronnagade Radio, I find myself contemplating the rationale for why I do what I do and what I want to see as a genuine outcome of the show. Walking the Good Red Road is probably the best way for me to describe what I want to see happen, I’m sure that if we can get people to just start getting involvved and combining our collective energy we are going to be able to make real changes in our lives. My co-hosts (and Brother’s to the Bone) Andrew “The Rock & Roll Psychic“, John “Aquaman Ocean Defender” Koehler and I have said that it is going to take a reckoning for the people to rise up and demand change, well I don’t know about you but that time is now. Each of us bring a unique quality to the show and as many of you remember, we do it in a fun and exciting way. We haven’t done a show together in over two years and I am not above telling you, “We told you so”…I have been listening back to some of the old shows and am amazed and saddened by how accurately we were, now of course I’m not talking about Andy, his predictions have been spot on (as scary as they have been). “Aquaman” a former Navy Seal has been using his “Run Silent, Run Deep” mantra as a catalyst for social change. As for yours truly, I know I’m not half as smart as I think I am, but I am smart enough to know that if we don’t step up and take our power back from the corporations and lobbyists that have become a cancer to true democracy, our future and the futures of the unborn generations are bleak.

So if you’re a like-minded individual (Inserting shameless plug here), make sure that you tune into Ronnagade Radio every Monday night starting August 1, 2011 from 8-10pm EST. Call in and tell us what you think about the issues of the day and how we can work together to bring some justice into an unjust world. Every week we will be shining our “Spotlight on Social Justice” and speaking to people who are out there in the trenches and get some real life perspective on the “New American Revolution”. Alwaays remember…”Be about it, or be without it”.