Let me start by saying “Thanks” to all of my friends and family members for the encouraging words regarding this blog. I will try and keep posting at least once a week (key word is try), as I think this will benefit Ronnagade Radio and with just about two weeks left until we’re back, I’m hoping that we can really build a following like we had in our heyday on Now Live as a “Featured” show. We averaged about 13,000 listeners a week and while I have no delusions about hitting those numbers now, I think that between the three of us (Andy, John and myself) we can probably get 1000 listeners per week by the end of the year. The key is going to be keeping the show interesting and mass marketing every week. I am very fortunate to have two great partners (so it will definitely be interesting), and hopefully you won’t get sick of my postings and emails.

I really want to do a show this week to help get back in the swing of things, and to help promote a friend of the show; Anna Lieb is running for Playboy’s Miss Social July on Facebook and I would really like to see her win. I have offered to do a special Ronnagade Radio “Friend-Raiser” as a way to get her more supporters and votes. Anna is an amazing woman who is not only gorgeous on the outside, her true beauty and inner light shines through like a brilliant beacon. Her passion for life and her love for humanity are reflected in her creativity like no one I’ve ever met, she is an accomplished poet and writer who has led such an incredible life and truly believes that love is the answer. Let me show you one of the many reasons why I am such a big fan of Anna…
“I am flowing on cosmic winds of change, and glittery enchantment. On waves of freedom, into an enchanted new magical place, the place were my dreams live. I land on a beautiful flower of truth, drinking the sweet nectar of true love. I feel myself grow more colorful and divine, as the light in my heart connects to the pulse of the Universe ♥”
Need I say more? This is the light that emanates from her and I am hoping that she will be able to help me deal with the difficulties that I have been facing for the past few years. After reading her story, I’m convinced that she will be able to help me heal myself enough (at least until I can get that adamantium skeleton like Wolverine) so I can go back to fighting evildoers and being the person I was before, a Ronn 2.0 if you will.

So hopefully we will be able to do a show with Anna this week, I will post any details on my Google Plus, Facebook, YouTube and any other sites I can think of, oh yeah can’t forget Twitter. Remember to click on the links here to go directly to the pages and if you click on the title of this post it will bring you to the page so you can vote for Anna now.

No retreat, no surrender!!! If you’re not about it, you’re without it!!! Peace, Love and Justice for all.