Well it is Sunday afternoon, and we are eight days away from our kick-off of Ronnagade Radio: Home of the  New American Revolution and I have to say I am pretty psyched up about it, I have been reading up on all of this debt ceiling nonsense. I really shouldn’t say “Nonsense” because of the severity of the situation, but all of the posturing and gamesmanship is nonsensical. I also think my co-hosts Andrew “The Rock & Roll Psychic” Brewer and John “Aquaman Ocean Defender” Koehler (click the links to read their posts) are ready to go too, I can tell by the posts they are putting up on Facebook that they are just as pissed off as I am about the current situation. I’m still hoping to get in one more test show this week, this time with both co-hosts on board as well.

I have actually spent the last few hours watching stand up comedy videos just to take my mind off the madness. Stand up has always been my therapy, either writing material or watching others perform I always feel a little less stressed. I spent some time the past few days to turn off the political part of my brain and write some bits, I recorded two for my friend Kylie of The Klicious Show (click to add her on Facebook), she and I both thought they were funny and that inspired me to write a few bits for my show. Although our listeners might not appreciate my sense of humor because it is VERY different than my political stuff. I have been writing material as if I was gonna go back on stage (it has been 20 years), which I may just do after the next January. I have a pretty good 40 minute set written, but Stand Up is a tough gig and you need to get in shape to do it. It’s one thing to sit at home typing up crap on the laptop and a totally different animal to get on stage. Not to mention the fact that I am currently in a tough position to just stand up let alone go on stage. I am starting physical therapy soon so January might be a good goal. I’ve always likened stand up to boxing (which I also did eons ago), in that you have to train like a fighter, build up your reflexes, stamina and then go out there alone. I have to admit I’ve gotten my ass kicked a lot more on stage than in the ring, ironically I am a better stand up in my humble opinion.

Well in any case I hope to be ready and have a big turn out for the show. This will be a week spent promoting the crap out of it and shaking off the “ring rust” for Monday August 1, 2011. Remember if you have any topics that you would like us to include drop us a note at ronnagaderadio@gmail.com I would really appreciate it if you could go to the Ronnagade Radio show page and “Like” us. Thanks again and I look forward to hearing from you.

Peace, Love and Justice for All