The boy’s came back tonight in preparation for the kick-off of “Ronnagade Radio: Home of the New American Revolution“.Tonight was a major success and it has me chomping on the bit for this Monday, August 1st, 2011. I mean, just being back on air with my Brother‘s was awesome, and made me realize how much I missed them and the show. The love was in the air tonight.

I was actually getting a bit anxious as we got closer to our big comeback, but as soon as I opened up the new studio on BlogTalkRadio (BTR) and saw the guys on the call list it was as if we had just done the Social Justice League yesterday (it was 2+ years ago). Now BTR has added some really cool bells and whistles and basically made producing a show idiot proof. This is great for me as Andy and John have decided that my role should include being the “tech guy”, ask any of my friends and they will tell you that I am a closet nerd/geek and all of this really floats my boat. We had planned on just doing an hour test but once we got on air the time just flew by, as a matter of fact I actually had two sound drops that I forgot to play until it was too late. If you would like to hear the podcast click here, and listen to it or any other past shows On-Demand. Join our Official Fan Page on Facebook. I will also be setting up my account on iTunes so you can download podcasts as well.
I will be writing another blog tomorrow as a last minute reminder, but I will tell you now this will be a comeback you don’t want to miss. We have two awesome guests sharing the “Spotlight on Social Justice” in Juan Antigua and Wendoly Marte, two former youth leaders from Sistas & Brothas United (SBU), who are doing some incredible work. We also have a new segment, “Monday Night Madness” where we ask the listeners to answer a weekly question by calling 909-202-8603 (Which I prefer) or via email . This week’s question is “What do you think Congress and the President should be doing to get the economy back on track?” I know I’m throwing up a big meatball with that question, but it is our first show back.
So stay tuned, I will be posting a reminder tomorrow with an upcoming show schedule and you are in for a treat as we have some really awesome guests booked already.
Peace, Love and Justice for All