While the revolution may not be televised it most certainly will be streaming live and recorded for a downloadable podcast. We are one day away from the launch of the “New American Revolution”and I am so excited I may just burst. After our final test show on Friday went so well I have been getting some great messages from people who think we are right on time. Andy, John and I have an incredible chemistry on air and are committed to the show, we believe in our message and hope that you will also believe.

This is going to be an awesome show, we have two great guests for the “Shine the Spotlight on Social Justice” segment. Juan Antigua and Wendoly Marte are youth leaders from the Northwest Bronx and I have had the pleasure of standing side by side with them in the battle for about 10 years. You cannot find more creative and dedicated leaders in America. They have been traveling the country leading training’s for youth and community organizations and will tell us about their recent trip to New Hampshire.
On our “Monday Night Madness” segment we ask and opine on the question of the week…”What do you think Congress and the President should be doing to get our economy back on track”? You are urged to call into the show 909-202-8603 or email us at ronnagaderadio@gmail.com, we will keep your answers anonymous if you prefer and will give fair opportunity to all political views.
We have some very exciting shows coming up, the rest of August looks like this…
August 8th, 2011 Health Care Show – Our Guest is Katie Robbins National Organizer for Healthcare Now
August 15th, 2011 Project Reclamation – Our Guest is Yorman Nunez Creator of Project Reclamation
August 22nd, 2011 Climate Change Show – Guest TBA
August 29th, 2011 Peace and Justice Show – Our Guest Cindy Sheehan National Peace Activist
So as you see we have some great shows upcoming and would love to get some insight from our listeners. If you or anyone you know would like to be a guest or have a suggestion for a show topic, drop us a line at ronnagaderadio@gmail.com or call 347-541-5689 and leave a message.
Like our Fan page on Facebook. Always remember, if you aren’t part of the richest 1% in this country, you should join the “New American Revolution”.
Peace, Love and Justice for All