When you get screwed by a puppet, should you worry about splinters? I apologize for starting off your day with that visual, but I am feeling violated this morning. I spent the day relaxing yesterday, watching movies from the 80’s (The Blues Brothers, The Breakfast Club, Karate Kid 1984), only to wake up this morning feeling like a bowling ball. Picked up, fingered and thrown in the gutter. Thanks to Mr. Obama, Mr. Boehner, Mr. Reid, and the rest of the Corporate Puppets that are pretending to be looking out for us. I say pretending because there is no other way to explain it. My only hope is that there will be someone in Congress who will stand up and stop the madness, I doubt it but am still holding out hope, which is an ironic term these days. On November 4th, 2008 I voted full of hope and have watched that hope not only fade but be painted over by Corporate Greed and the audacity of NOPE.

If it were not for the fact that I need to vote in primaries here in New York, I would burn my Democrat registration card and join Senator Bernie Sanders in the Socialist Party (which I still may due), as I write this I am truly ashamed to be a Democrat. It has become increasingly clearer to me that the Democratic Party has abandoned their ideals. They used to be “Champions for the Middle Class” and all of us that are poor. It has gotten so bad that the party had to split and create a Congressional Progressive Caucus, there was a time when the entire Democratic Party was Progressive, but sadly those days are gone.

This “deal” that was agreed to in principal last night is just more proof that a minuscule percentage of the American people are pulling all of the strings in Washington DC. REPUBLICAN TERRORISTS are routinely getting everything they want from any negotiation just by holding their breath and stomping their feet. One of the comments I saw in the paper said something like “This is a crappy deal for everyone in America, except the richest 1% so we took it”. Really? Is that what we have come to in this country? So much for “Winning the Future” Mr. Obama, I am refusing to call Mr. Obama President until I see him start acting like the leader of the free world and not the little nerdy kid who has his lunch money taken by schoolyard bullies everyday. Mr. Obama has gone from the “Great Communicator” to the “Great Capitulator”, this is not the hope I voted for almost three years ago.

Time and time again the Democrats and Mr. Obama have given in to REPUBLICAN TERRORISTS, at the expense of the American people. I don’t know about you but I am sick and tired of it. Call your Representatives in Congress and demand they vote this bad deal down. Tune in tonight to “Ronnagade Radio: Home of the New Revolution” for a recap of the actions today and how we can move forward together in the fight for America.

Peace, Love and Justice for All!!!