I was reading “Gallup Finds The Part Of America That Believes The Economy Is Doing Well” by Jason Linkins on Huffington Post and got really annoyed (not by him I actually like his writing), but by the fact that Gallup had to spend six months doing a survey about something that is obvious to every other place in America but Washington, DC.

So of course since I use Facebook as my main tool to spread my “Socialist Propaganda”, I shared this with my 3000+ friends…

“I have found through community organizing that people with power are never going to just give it up without a fight, the people have to take it back. I don’t believe that this disparity is here because the politicians are living in a “bubble”, they are living in a “bubble” so they don’t have to see it. The people need to get organized and pop this “bubble” once and for all. You have an opportunity, the Congress is on “recess” until Sept 6th, get to their District offices and show them the “REALITY” that we are living in, hold a press conference in front of their office and demand that they open their eyes and make a commitment to “DO” something and then hold them accountable. The “New American Revolution” begins with you and you can join the fight every Monday from 8-10pm EST right here www.blogtalkradio.com/ronnagade

After reading some of the responses this article has received, I realize that something I said half jokingly on our show Monday night (which is available “Ronn-Demand” here) is even scarier than I could have imagined, Perry/Bachmann 2012. Yikes, I had no idea that this is the ticket people would be talking about, and I KNOW it is way too early for this to happen, you have to admit there is a trend in this country right now. You can no longer just blow off the “Tea Party” as a bunch of out of touch racists who don’t understand anything about the Constitution they are always spouting on about (no matter how accurate that may be). If the Iowa straw poll told you anything it’s that many of those “Backwoods Bubba’s” have done got organized, and they got their Voter cards ready to go.

We will be speaking more about this in the upcoming weeks, but remember; “If you’re not in the richest 1% of this country, you need to join the New American Revolution” ~Ronn Jordan.

Peace, Love and Justice for All