Seems we have a new buzzword on the political scene, “JOBS”. Really? It must mean the 2012 election cycle has begun. That’s funny, after all of that fighting over the debt ceiling (which was nothing more than a distraction), now all of these politicians are tripping over themselves to talk about the “jobs crisis”. I live in the Bronx, the poorest urban county in America that happens to be nestled in the financial capital of the world. We are no stranger to unemployment, which as of June 2011 sits at 12% but in 1990 it was 8.5% during those 21 years it has seen a high of 14.2% and a low of 6.5%., the sad reality for most Bronx residents is that these numbers don’t count homeless people, people who have given up, maxed out their UE benefits or are under-employed. See when you factor in those demographics our rate is closer to 51% of our labor force, that’s right a little more than half of all people living in the Bronx are living this reality everyday.

Turn on a TV or radio and all you hear is how Mr. Obama is going to present a specific jobs plan. Guess what? The Republicans are going to reject it, duh!!! We have seen this policy dance play out since January 20th, 2009 (Mr. Obama’s inauguration day), and it isn’t going to change now. The “Audacity of Hope” meets the “Party of Nope” it sounds like an Abbott & Costello monster movie, but no one is laughing except the Wall Street elite.

So I have a suggestion for Mr. Obama, start huge, demand that this jobs crisis is going to need at least $2 Trillion in the first 18 months. Here are 10 suggestions from Robert Reich that you should follow to the letter. Remember first and foremost the other side DOES NOT LIKE YOU or RESPECT YOU, there is no reason to try and negotiate (US Policy dictates that you never negotiate with terrorists). I have always thought that you were a brilliant man, but the more you reach out your hand only to have it slapped away makes me question your intelligence not theirs. As Dave Johnson notes on the Campaign for America’s Future website, July marks the 17th consecutive month of Private Sector job creation. that shows the stimulus (saying that word is like saying Lord Voldemort in Hogwarts) was working it was just too small (as my co-host Andy and I stated in our Feb. 2009 show) and went to bail out Wall Street instead of Main Street.

Speaking of intelligence, what is wrong with the American people who are dropping $15 per head to meet with their elected officials? Seriously, I know these guys are a joke but they aren’t worth a cover charge. My buddy, comedian Mike Robles is coming back to the Bronx and is charging $15 at the door, now Mike will make your Grandma wet her Depends, but in a good way. Whereas Ryan and the Tea Party clowns will do it by scaring the crap out of her with Death Panels and work till you die threats. Message to Mr. Paul Ryan…”Hey Pinhead you already collect a huge salary from our taxes and whatever your puppet-masters pay you, hold a fricken Town Hall meeting”.

Always remember if you are not in the richest 1% of the country then you need to join the “New American Revolution” every Monday night from 8-10pm EST.

Peace, Love and Justice for All!!!