Seems as though I have been flaking on the updates. I seem to have been watching the games and keeping up with the stats, I just haven’t been posting…my bad. Week 3 saw Kenny and Migue have monster weeks knocking me out of first place. Thanks to Aaron Rodgers throwing 4 touchdowns and running for 2 more I was able to take back first place in Week 4, below are the updated standings and point totals…

  1. The Ronnagades – Week 3/4 (118.98/143.12) Total 508.50
  2. PawnStars – Week 3/4 (143.90/114.34) Total  503.10
  3. Augusta Chillers – Week 3/4 (133.04/102.78) Total 464.54
  4. Canton Bulldogs – Week3/4 (97.38/115.94) Total 421.12
  5. The Rat Bastids – Week 3/4 (86.74/105.84) Total 404.94

As we move into Week 5 I am hoping the injuries stop, there has been way too many stars put on IR for the rest of the season.