Well it look’s like my Brother Andy has gotten on track winning his first week with Kenny, Migue and myself keeping pace. Tim Tebow in Denver will be starting and since Brandon Lloyd was traded to the Rams, I dropped him even though he is going to be the main guy until Amendola comes back. My Giants have the bye and I am loving Philly not being so dreamy. Packers are the only remaining unbeaten team and facing Minny shouldn’t change that for them. Here are the latest standings…

  1. The Ronnagades – Weeks 5/6 (125.34/86.70) Total (720.54)
  2. PawnStars – Weeks 5/6 (104.76/86.02) Total (693.88)
  3. Augusta Chillers – Weeks 5/6 (101.00/94.70) Total (660.24)
  4. Canton Bulldogs – Weeks 5/6 (70.24/119.56) Total (610.92)
  5. The Rat Bastids – Weeks 5/6 (101.40/74.68) Total (581.02)

Hopefully I will be able to keep first place but this is proving to be a very tight race from week to week. Good luck to all!!!