I hope this post finds you all having a safe, healthy and happy holiday season. I am agnostic, so saying “Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah or Happy Kwanzaa” may be hypocritical and  insult some of my friends, so I will use the generic “Happy Holidays, Season’s Greetings” this year. As I look back on this past year, I am forever grateful for the wonderful people in my life and am truly humbled by the love and affection given to me. This has been a roller coaster ride of a year for me personally and I hope that 2012 is a bit calmer. I have already started making my new year resolutions, one of which is being back on the front lines in the fight for justice. The key to this of course is to make sure I am healthy and I am working with my doctors to make that happen.

This being an election year has me feeling conflicted, I am not going to be “Hope-notized” again and the GOP has gone out of it’s way to remind me that they are going to follow whatever marching orders their “owners” tell them to, even at the expense of the rest of the country. Now I have been a big supporter of the Occupy Movement and will continue to do so, but I wish that they would go from Congressional district to Congressional district with a concrete set of demands and get rid of every single sell out in Washington DC, Republican or Democrat. As of right now I will NOT be voting for the candidate from either party (they are all wholly owned and operated by corporate America), so I will most likely be writing in “None of the Above”.

I will be trying to make sure that real Progressive’s Alan Grayson are elected throughout the USA and I will be paying extra close attention to local politics. I believe that in order to get this country going in the right direction for all of us we need to use or energy, time and money towards making real change.

I will be back next week with my “Year End Awards”, until then may all of your Holiday wishes come true. Remember if you are not in the richest 1% in this country, you need to join the “New American Revolution”.