As we head into the last two games of the regular football season, I am so fed up with all the hype about Jets vs. Giants and I wish that the papers here would stop calling them cross-town rivals. They share a stadium, neither team is “cross-town”. As a lifelong Giants fan, I’m really hoping that we win, but let’s be realistic, neither team is good enough to go all the way.  Although when the season started with all the injuries that the Giants had and the players they lost to free agency, I would have been happy with an 8-8 season (which is what I predicted the G-Men would do) and the firing of Tom Coughlin as the coach. I know I am being too harsh on Coughlin, but I have been hoping that Bill Cowher would be the next head coach for the past two years and I just think that Coughlin should pack it in and even though he just coached them to the Super Bowl in 2007 (what have you done for me lately), the best thing for all concerned would be for him to announce his retirement and the Giants to put his name in the circle of honor.

Everyone I know talked about how this was gonna be Philly’s year with their “Dream Team” and it gives me great pleasure to see their nightmare season come to life. The NFC East used to be the best division in the NFL, but it is sad to see that a 9-7 team is going to win the division. Now if the football “Gods” are looking out for me, Big Blue will win their last two games, go on another miracle run and win the Super Bowl (not too delusional is it?).  Don’t be fooled by last week’s hiccup, the Packers are still the team to beat.

I will wrap up the Ronnagade Radio Fantasy League after next week. My bold prediction for this week (screw you Rex Ryan)…Giants 31 – Jets 16!!!