This is more than the rambling of a NY Giants fan (which I am of course), this is after careful consideration and research. I was watching a replay of Super Bowl XLII last night and a few things came to me. Now I will never underestimate Tom Brady and Bill Belichick, I have the utmost respect for them (although I don’t like them very much), and I would not be surprised if Tom Brady had the best game of his career and actually beat my Giants this Sunday.

That being said, let’s move on to the game as I see it. Eli Manning is the key to a Giants win, if Eli isn’t at his best the Giants have no chance because their running game just isn’t good enough to carry the team. Four years ago Eli was just coming into his own and nobody thought he could compare with Tom Brady and for the most part that was true. Eli has matured into an elite Quarterback this year with a much more explosive receiving corps. The key to that game was defense, both teams were amazing. Before Plaxico made that go ahead touchdown he had 1 reception for 14 yards. The Patriots secondary was outstanding, this year not so much. I believe that the Giants will be able to handle the secondary and score seemingly at will. The Giants front four will be all over Brady and that is something that they have proven every time the teams have played since that Super Bowl.

My original idea was that this will be a shootout and the Giants would win 41-38, then after the Pro Bowl I had a dream that showed the final 33-20 for my G-Men. This is going to be one of the best Super Bowls ever played and it will be close until the fourth quarter.

After careful consideration, I think the Giants will win 35-24, so if you are in Vegas bet the Giants +3 and the take over which is 55.