I’m sitting here in my hospital bed contemplating my next few months and what lies ahead for me and I have to say that I am overwhelmed by the people in my life that make me feel blessed. Even before I wound up in the hospital I have been lucky to have people watching my back. Thanks to Juan and Yorman for putting me up after the 198th Street fiasco. Roar, Decoy and Moammar keeping security tight (it is so cool to have your own Dominican Secret Service detail).

As I felt the pain in my chest knock the wind out of me, I realized that my heart wasn’t bursting with NY Giants pride. I am also not the kind of guy who suffers from panic attacks under stress (and believe me I’ve been stressed).  So after taking some aspirin I hoped that the pain would pass, this was around 2pm Monday, add this to the regular pain that I deal with everyday and I am NOT a happy camper. Luckily Sean came by to give me and Roar a lift to the Emergency Room right before they went to finish moving furniture. I was sure that I would be stuck in the ER, but as it turns out, I was treated immediately and monitored by a professional staff that showed amazing grace and skill as they handled a massive workload.

Since being an in-patient here this week and with all the tests I’ve undergone, I am grateful for the quality of care and wonderful people who have made this bearable. The entire staff at the Montefiore Medical Center has been incredible and I wouldn’t want to be sick any place else in the world. I will be here until a bed opens up in an acute pain facility to start physical therapy and hopefully avoid surgery. I will get back to the business of Social Justice soon and for as long as I have a Wi-Fi connection, until then…

Peace, Love and Justice