I get so frustrated by the sheer stupidity of the “Average American” and am flabbergasted by the gall of the Right Wing using wedge issues like a bunch of shiny keys to distract a baby. It seems that ‘birth control” is the “Wedge du jour”, and I actually caught myself arguing with someone who Obama and the Democrats were destroying the 1st Amendment just so they could bolster the rolls on “entitlements” like Medicaid and Food Stamps by making churches pay for birth control. True story, this happened to me yesterday as I popped into the day-room here to get out of my room and be sociable. After 30 minutes of this I was ready to snap, here is a brief exchange from the conversation…”Obama knows that the churches can’t pay for birth control for their employees because of their beliefs, so he makes them women have babies out-of-wedlock and if they don’t get abortions with Medicaid, they go on welfare and collect Food Stamps and stuff”. This is what brought me into the conversation as I almost fell over with exasperation. I asked politely for this gentleman to explain how he came to this conclusion and to please bear with me as I had recently been medicated. “It’s been in all the papers and all over the news” he said. As I looked at him incredulously, 3 or 4 other patients chimed in “Obama is the devil” said one, “That’s why America is broke, we give away all our money to these heathens” said another. I literally looked around the room and asked if I had been moved to the psyche ward in my sleep. Unfortunately I was not moved, I was surrounded by some older Conservative voters that haven’t missed an election in 30+ years. Really? In the Bronx in 2012? Is this what life will be like under a President Gingrich, Santorum or Romney?

This is just a small sampling of what progressive people are up against, I will bet dollars to donuts that if this is what is being said in the Bronx it will be amped up to the 10th power in the “Bible Belt“. I was hoping to stay out of the Presidential election this year as I think that whoever wins is already bought and paid for, but after this, I’m not sure. Can we really lose the White House and Senate to Right Wing Conservatism? Hopefully nationwide this latest wedge will be seen for what it actually is, an attack on all women’s rights, not just  Democratic women.

So I need to ask you all to make sure you take part locally in elections, either by running or supporting candidates with true progressive values. We are going to need to become strong enough to take back our country from the evil corporations, bankers, Wall Street crooks and unfortunately we can’t do that with the lot down in DC now.

One last thing, if you are not a member of the richest 1% in this country, you need to join  the New American Revolution!!! Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

Peace, Love and Justice