I’ll be happy if my “Twin” (separated at birth) wins for Best Actor tomorrow, but it was not my favorite performance of his, it was better than his Batman by far but it was no Danny Ocean. I think he will edge out his buddy Brad, although this was a poor year for movies. I must admit I haven’t seen all the movies but I did see The Descendants, Midnight in Paris  and Moneyball. So I will lay out my semi-informed picks below…

Best Picture – Midnight in Paris

Best Actor – George Clooney

Best Actress – Viola Davis (can she beat Meryl Streep?)

Best Director – Martin Scorsese for Hugo (he deserves an Oscar)

Best Supporting Actor – Jonah Hill (but this will probably go to Christopher Plummer)

Best Supporting Actress – Octavia Spencer

Best Animated Feature – Rango (I really liked this one)

Best Cinematography – Robert Richardson for Hugo

I will be disappointed if The Artist picks up any and I have no intention of ever seeing a silent film. If Jean Dujardin beats out Clooney, I will be disgusted…give him the Oscar for Best Mime Performance. Like I said earlier, this has been a bad year for movies but I suppose that’s why they brought back Billy Crystal to host, so we have a reason to watch the show at all.

Well these are my picks, that and $2.25 will get you on the subway here in New York City.

Peace, Love and Justice for All