Well to be honest the store has been open since 2008, so maybe I will call this the Grand Re-opening of the Ronnagade Radio Online Store. I have actually taken the time to design some really cool stuff. You can get shirts with our logo that show you are an “Official Member of the Ronntourage”, an apron that says “Grillin’ Fat Cats Is Our Specialty” or one of many other cool items. If you don’t see something you might like you can also send me a suggestion and I will try to get it for you.

In a perfect world, the proceeds from the store would offset the costs of doing Ronnagade Radio and to keep the blog up and running. My being in the hospital for the foreseeable future has me in a tough financial situation, so any cash that flows in will go a long way.

So check it out, your support is much appreciated and I hope to be back on air with the “Social Justice League” crew soon.

Peace, Love and Justice for All