I like to think that I’m fairly intelligent and it drives me absolutely nuts when I see the condescending disdain these Republican zealots have for the American people. Time and again they look America directly in the face and say “America is the greatest country on the planet and we have just decided to take control of the dreadful tailspin that she is in, pick her up, dust her off and return her to her former glory.” (Note the contradiction)

Thankfully there are people like Dave Johnson to cut through the bull, I just read his piece “The Republican Budget, Explained”, and I recommend you read it, like it, share it and tweet it. While I’m recommending stuff let me give props to the blog where I got the above cartoon (I hope she doesn’t mind), “The Cassandra Files”. This is a blog I follow (you should too) and really enjoy, it gives me hope that America is not completely lost to the Right Wing/Tea Party terrorists. That’s right, I said “terrorists” there is no negotiating with them and they are holding this country hostage.

The Republican Budget or Ryan 2.0 as it is being called by many, is yet another attack on seniors, the disabled, students from low-income communities, poor people, the middle class, women and just about anyone else that you know personally. At the same time they are regurgitating the same old failed policies, tax cuts for the rich, more money for war and subsidies to oil companies and the like to continue raping the planet for natural resources.

In closing, I implore you to see that the “emperor has no clothes”, tell ALL of your friends and family not to be taken in by the nonsense, see through the spin and call your Representatives in Congress and demand that they oppose and expose this latest attack on America.

Peace, Love and Justice For All

PS Remember if you are not in the richest 1% in this country, you need to join the “New American Revolution”