Every morning you greet me,

you’re there from the moment I wake.

It’s a dysfunctional marriage,

one I can no longer take.

Like a blind mans guide,

you’re always by my side.

Front and center no matter which room I enter.

No pain, no gain is the cliche,

but look at all the things you took away.

Your obstacles have changed me dramatically,

they have even overshadowed me.

I ‘m not the person that I used to be,

but unknowingly you’ve empowered me

I will no longer allow you to have control,

whether I walk or have to roll.

I made excuses like a battered wife,

but now I’m taking back my life.

This may sound odd, but I think I found God.

Isn’t He always in the last place you look?

New Day Church is where it took.

The doctors all say there is no cure,

we’ll be together forever, of that they’re sure.

What they don’t know is that God is giving me strength,

to keep you away, if only at arms length.

I may not have a wonder drug, but you don’t have a Pastor Doug.

Our time together has run it’s course,

I’m giving you notice,

I want a DIVORCE!!!

Peace, Love & Justice For All