This post will be the first in an ongoing series over the next three months, as I search to find my personal relationship with God. For those of you that know me, you know this is a big step for me and sharing this on the internet is a “Holy Crap” (pun intended) moment for sure. For those of you who like to read my political pieces, don’t worry, I will still be blogging about politics. I believe that this series will actually make my other writing better.

I’m not the most religious fellow there is, in fact I tell most people I am a recovering Catholic. I constantly paraphrase the late, great Richard Jeni “I’m about as Catholic as if you saw a cow in a tree and thought it was a bird”. Don’t get me wrong, I was baptized a Catholic, made my Holy Communion, and after we tried to get my son baptized, made my Confirmation and then got married (that’s enough Holy Sacraments for me). I tried to be a good Catholic (at least when the kids were young), but it just wasn’t for me.

As a Mohawk, I try to walk  “The Good Red Road”, a phrase used by many First Peoples tribal communities to describe one who is walking the road of balance, living right and following the rules of the Creator (Great Spirit in my case). “The Good Red Road” to me is a way of walking strong, yet softly so as not to harm or disturb other life. In my opinion “The Good Red Road” is the pathway to truth, peace and harmony.

I often say that I am spiritual (which I am), but I always feel like that is a cop out and doesn’t say what I truly feel. I have been having this conflict for quite some time, I wouldn’t say I’m an atheist. I even think that saying I am agnostic isn’t me. I believe in a Creator, so those terms don’t apply to me. I think it is organized religion that I have an issue with, and not just the Catholics (though they haven’t really helped their cause with me anyway). My issues are with all of those so called “Christians” who do very un-Christian like things. If Jesus were alive today I truly think the Christian Right Wing in this country would either put him in jail or kill him.

This is why I’ve decided to set forth on this spiritual journey. Starting Sunday, I will be attending New Day United Methodist Church in the Bronx. While I was a Board member of the Northwest Bronx Community & Clergy Coalition, I met Pastor Doug Cunningham, who brought New Day to the Bronx in 2008. New Day Church’s mission is three-fold: Connecting with God through Jesus Christ in a genuine relationship that transforms our lives. Crossing boundaries of race, class, sexual orientation and age to transform community. Confronting social injustice with God’s abundance and compassion to transform society. (This is straight from their website) What appeals to me most about New Day is their approach to social justice. I have always said that Jesus was the first community organizer and still believe that to be true.

I hope you join me on this extremely personal journey through this blog and I would really love to hear your stories or opinions. Leave a comment here and I promise to respond to all.

Peace, Love & Justice For All