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 “Keeping Politics Out Of Federal Contracting Act of 2011” (S.1100) sounds like a great bill if you just went by the title. Then again, so did the “Patriot Act“, “No Child Left Behind” and so many others it would make your head spin. Unfortunately, we have been duped before and will be duped again. S.1100 is a bill to amend title 41, United States Code, to prohibit inserting politics into the Federal acquisition process by prohibiting the submission of political contribution information as a condition of receiving a Federal contract. Basically, the bill would prevent government from requiring federal contractors to disclose money they’re spending to buy support from elected officials. The bill is sponsored by Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME) and was just approved by the Homeland Security committee and is co-sponsored by 22 other Republican Senators including the party hopping weasel Joe Lieberman. Corporations like Northrop Grumman, GE, Verizon, AT&T and others would get to keep their dirty dealing under the table.

Proponents of this bill will try and tell you with a straight face that by not disclosing the graft (and that’s exactly what it is), they are somehow making the contracting process more fair. These sleazebags are constantly insulting our intelligence, am I supposed to believe that if the information isn’t public then the elected officials won’t know how much these contractors have donated to their campaign coffers and they will then make the choice on the best bid? Are you fricken’ kidding me? It’s bad enough that so many of these corporations don’t pay any taxes, get no-bid contracts and make billions of tax-payer dollars as war-profiteers. Sen. Collins and her co-sponsors are being flat out dishonest or incredibly naive if they believe any of this malarkey.

This proof doesn’t only apply to our stupidity, it also applies to our laziness/apathy and I don’t believe that the Republicans are the only ones doing it but I am referring to them in this blog post. Please join our friends at Public Citizen in telling your Senators oppose this bill. Let me know if there are any other misleadingly titled bills in Congress that really piss you off and lets all make sure our elected officials oppose them as well.

I have been slacking in my blog posts but I hope to correct that and am currently using a blog calendar to keep me on schedule to have at least one post per week. What do you do to keep coming up with fresh blog material? I would love to get some tips from my fellow bloggers on how to stay productive. Thanks!!!

Peace, Love & Justice For All