ImageTo all of my Republican friends this is NOT a case of buyer’s remorse about re-electing President Obama, it is a call to everyone to see what is going on right under our noses.In our apparent race to the bottom, it seems that when it comes to the “total annihilation of humanity” the Obama energy policy is?

  • (a) Off-shore drilling
  • (b) Mountain-top removal for coal
  • (c) Fracking
  • (d) Minimal investment in wind & solar technologies
  • (e) All of the above

The Bureau of Ocean Energy Management started auctioning off an oil and gas lease sale for the more than 20 million offshore acres and represents all unleased areas in the Gulf of Mexico Planning Area.  In what I call the ultimate “Middle Finger” to the survivors of Hurricane Katrina, the auction started yesterday in the Louisiana Superdome. I guess I am supposed to be comforted by the fact that BP was not allowed to bid, does it really matter who the rapist is or should we be concerned that the rape is happening in the first place. Since the election, the Big Oil Lobby has spent more than $3 million trying to save their Tax Loopholes. Exxon, Shell and BP have enjoyed tremendous profits because of those Loopholes and at the same time have fired 17,500 workers…talk about “Entitlement Programs”.

Maybe it’s the Mohawk in me, but I believe that in order for humanity to survive we need to realize that “We belong to the earth, the earth does not belong to us”. Our philosophy clearly needs to change, we do not have never-ending resources on this planet. We have become a greedy, grab all you can society that not only doesn’t care about the 7 Generations yet to be born, we don’t even care about the most vulnerable among us right now. How much is enough? How many billions of dollars do we need? I call this the “Philosophy of Ruin”, don’t care about tomorrow, gorge yourself today.

Where do we go from here? Republicans, Democrats, Liberals and Conservatives, Rich and Poor alike, climate change is affecting us all. Let’s admit that our most important issue facing our species as a whole is protecting Mother Earth. Is it too late already? Leave a comment and tell me what you think.

Peace, Love and Justice For All,

Ronn 🙂