The Cain & Abel BowlAre you ready for some football? I am, but this day always leaves me feeling sad. I am not a basketball fan, so the wait for baseball season to start seems unbearably long. In the past I have just picked the winner of the game and given you what I thought would be the final score (close but never hit that), but this year I wanted to mix it up, so I am also going to give you some fun “Prop Bets” for your Super Bowl party. Now if you’re having a party this will also make a great drinking game (losers must do a shot). Good luck, I just hope I make it out of the first quarter…

Coin Toss – I’m picking the 49ers to win the coin flip.

First Commercial After Kick-off – Even though VW has been getting a lot of attention for their ad, I’m gonna go with Dorito’s.

Brother Vs. Brother Close Up – I think 49ers Coach Jim Harbaugh will get the first on screen solo close up.

First Penalty of the Game – Well since I picked the 49ers to get the ball first, I bet their first penalty will be either a False Start or Holding penalty.

First Touchdown – Let’s break this into two parts (1) Ravens (2) Torrey Smith

First Turnover – Again two parts (1) 49ers (2) Colin Kaepernick throws interception. Now for both of these last two bets, feel free to make your own adjustments.

Number of Back-up Dancers in Beyonce’s Final Song – I was watching the Chew this afternoon and they gave me this one. My guess is 50. I also say that Destiny’s Child makes an appearance.

First Field Goal – 49ers

First Challenge Flag – I see John Harbaugh throwing this to challenge a catch.

Most Rushing Yards – I think the Ravens will surprise everyone and rush for more yards against a tough 49er defensive front seven.

Most Passing Yards – You may start to see a trend here but I think Joe Flacco has a big game and throws for almost 300 yards and 2 touchdowns.

What color Gatorade will be thrown on the coach – Orange

I will be doing the play by play with my good friend Jack Daniels. I hope the game is as good as the hype has been. The 49ers are favored by 3 1/2 points and the over/under is 47 1/2 so I am going to say that the Ravens win 24 – 17. Joe Flacco wins the MVP and Ray Lewis cries again. Don’t forget to stay tuned after the game to the new hit show Elementary. I think it is the best show on free TV.

By Ronn Jordan