AK RacistIs this part of the new strategy to woo the Latino vote? I know that Senators Boehner and McCain have “rebuked” the comment made by Don Young, but in my opinion this man should be forced to resign his position immediately. This is tantamount to using the “N” word and should not be tolerated.

The RNC Chairman Reince Priebus just had a study done (which is ridiculous in and of itself) nicknamed the “autopsy”,  that stated the GOP is too old, too white and too male. I’m sure we can add too racist to that list. Mr. Priebus stated “if we want ethnic minority voters to support Republicans, we have to engage them, and show our sincerity.” Less than two weeks later we see the Republican Party go after President Obama’s nominee to head the Department of Labor Thomas E. Perez, then North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory eliminates the states office for Latino affairs. Then the CPAC conference made “birther” jokes and had a minority “outreach” panel that implied slavery was good for Black Americans.

This is the same old GOP and Representative Don Young who has been in office for forty years is guilty of saying what the party believes out loud. I hope you join me in calling for Mr. Young to immediately resign his seat. Call his office today 202-225-5765.