Represent US

Hey, just a quick but important favor: I’m working on a campaign called Represent.Us to get money out of politics and stop the corruption of our government. The Represent.Us campaign will completely change how business is done in Washington: We’ve got a plan to stop lobbyists from bribing politicians, end secret election money and put voters back in control of elections. The first step is getting a million people behind The American Anti-Corruption Act, so I’m collecting names. Can you take a minute to add your name to my list? Use this link: Everyone from Occupy to Tea Party, left, right and center can agree that getting money out of politics is the only way we’ll ever get our government back. It’s the only way we can deal with issues like jobs, the economy, the environment, war and taxes. Please add your name: I’m happy to tell you more about it. Leave a comment here and I will reply to all. Thanks in advance. It’s only the future our our country at stake! Sincerely, Ronn 🙂