DSP GutlessToday’s “DSP” (Daily Socialist Propaganda) is more of a call to action that I hope will get you to call the Senate today and demand that Harry Reid step down as Senate Majority Leader. Reid has proven yet again that the Democratic party is nothing more than a spineless sham that is run by sell outs.

“If not now, when?” is what President Obama asked America two days after the Newtown massacre. I suppose the answer to that is whenever the Democratic party can grow a pair (which may mean never). Time and time again the Democrats back down, the banks are too big to fail, the crooked bankers are too big to jail, and the NRA is too strong to oppose. The only thing these chicken shit cowards are NOT afraid of is “We the People”, because they know that we are not smart enough or organized enough to do anything other than complain about their ineptitude.